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Monday, January 25, 2021
Academic Research Tracks Platform

Distinguished academic researchers have the ability to develop a tight initial conception of the research topic more than other new academic researchers. The distinguished academic researcher is able to process and organize new ideas compare to fresh academic in the same field which include new research ideas that are intended to be achieved by appropriate mechanisms and methods. to select the new research ideas based on knowledge is due to his long experience and ability to obtain sources, and thus drawing its characteristics, components and approval procedures. The academically distinguished researcher can easily transform research ideas into an integrated proposal after forming an appropriate work team and then requesting support. After completing more than half of the research, he may need to increase his team of researchers specialized in the same field who wish to join and participate to complete the research process. From our experience during the past three decades, we found that the "distinguished researcher" does not mind to have new researchers to join his research project after completing more than half of the research. On the other hand, there are many new academic researchers (and others working in the same field) are interested to join and participate in the research groups in order to develop their skills in the field of their specializations and for the purpose of scientific knowledge and academic publishing. The question arises: How can the "distinguished researcher" and his team be connected with interested researchers to join them?. The academic research Tracks platform is able to manage it. "Restra" platform was created with the purpose of connecting researchers with teams of distinguished academics around the world to conduct scientific research in an innovative way. There are opportunities on the platform to meet with academics from the most prestigious universities and research centers in the world through research tracks in various disciplines. "ResTra" platform is part of shaping the future of artificial intelligence worldwide, as it keeps pace with the global digital economy agenda in the field of research and development, and works for the benefit of all humanity, as researchers and innovators participate in economic applications, science, engineering and health sciences using artificial intelligence. ResTra platform encourages cooperation between leaders in this field, and explores appropriate strategic options for humanity. There is an ambition through the ResTra platform that it might works by releasing data power for academic researchers in the humanities, health, engineering and natural sciences, which adapt the recent changes in data and artificial intelligence that creates an economy based on knowledge. Among the mission of the Academic Research Tracks Platform "ResTra" will exchange visions and ideas for the future of humanity, and believes that there has been remarkable global progress in the use of artificial intelligence in facilitating research methods, as there is significant global progress in a number of relevant global indicators. The ambition is to make the ResTra platform a leader, pioneer and influencer on the global level in the field of academic research, and allows maximum participation and interaction between those registered on the platform. It will soon have a special section for interactive discussions with world research leaders to inspire and enable future visions, and to think about ways to use artificial intelligence in future areas of research. We will launch a number of global initiatives with global partners, and looking forward to follow the initiatives. ResTra platform will also contribute to improve quality of life for humanity, and work in the context of achieving our aspirations for global leaderships as an important platform for academic researchers.