ResTra is innovated as a scientific advisory and consultancy with multidisciplinary activities and services including linking research applicants with teams of distinguished academics around the world to conduct scientific corporation in an innovative way.

The Applicants are the researchers who are searching ResTra platform to join research projects available by Academic Host.

Academic Researcher ready to host the applicants through ResTra

RGL is the principle investigator (he is the academic host: responsible about the research) who agreed to accept the APPLICANT to join the research team.

Yes, it is important, otherwise you will NOT be able to use ResTra.

Only one password to be used in the registration in ResTra, but you need to fill the forms as an APPLICANT OR as an ACADEMIC HOST.

In the APPLICANT SEARCH window, choose your research field in the category, sub category, branch and keywords. More key word services are available but we advice not to use more than 3 keywords

Press icon INTERESTED, and then press icon APPLY. you will be asked to submit your informtions & CV. this information will go to Host only through ResTra. If Host accepted you; you will be informed by ResTra within 3 working days.

Restra service fee payment is required. After payment, host personal contacts will be send to applicant email directly; at the same time, applicant personal contacts will be send to host email directly. In this case, both will be able contact each other.

The role of ResTra is officially ended.

This responsibility belongs to the Host + Applicant. ResTra does not interfere with the agreement between them.

Rastra does not interfere with the required financial support from the host and it is not performed through the site.

The host may use the slight cash or purchases to cover shortages in research materials, samples, scientific measurement fees, and consultations. ResTra does not interfere with this at all.

Scientific benefit, especially for those wishing to enter a scientific specialization close to their own field. The other benefit might be to use their published articles in job promotion.