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ResTra is innovated as a scientific advisory and consultancy with multidisciplinary activities and services including linking research applicants with teams of distinguished academics around the world to conduct scientific corporation in an innovative way. ResTra creates new experience that facilitate and accelerate research and increase the global scientific contentResTra offers an incredible amount of services to keep you satisfied,our customer’s happiness is the most important priority for us.

The Restra platform is part of shaping the future of artificial intelligence worldwide, as it keeps pace with the global economic agenda in the field of research and development, and works for the benefit of all humanity, where researchers and innovators participate in economic applications, science, health sciences and health using artificial intelligence. RESTRA promotes cooperation between leaders in this field and explores strategic options for the growing humanity.

There is an ambition through "Restra" for the platform to work by launching data power for academic researchers in the humanities, health, engineering and natural sciences, especially as data with artificial intelligence creates an economy based on knowledge.
Among the mission of RESTRA is the exchange of visions and ideas for the future of humanity. Restra believes that there is noticeable global progress in the use of artificial intelligence in facilitating methods and research methods, as there is great global progress in a number of relevant global indicators.

The ambition is to make the Restra platform a world leader, pioneer and influencer in the field of research.

Restra allows the maximum participation and interaction between registrants on the platform. It will soon have a special section for interactive discussions with research leaders in the world to inspire and enable future visions, and to think about methods of using artificial intelligence in future areas of research. We will work to launch a number of global initiatives with partners, looking forward to following up on initiatives to obtain their results.

Restra will also contribute to improving the quality of human life. We work in the context of fulfilling our aspirations for global leadership as an important research platform.

The health research services provided by Restra platform includes a wide range of health specialties such as:


Anatomy, anaesthesia, cardiology, dermatology, emergency, family & community medicine, medical education, OBS- Gynaecology, ophthalmology, ORL, orthology, paediatric, physiology, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, ear, nose, throat




Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicines and Toxicology, pharmaceutics, pharmacology

 Applied Medical Sciences:

Radiological sciences, Optometry and Vision Sciences, Health Rehabilitation Sciences, Biomedical Technology, Community Health Sciences

 Science & Technologies

Communication disorders sciences and services, community and public health, general medical and health services, health and medical administrative services, health and medical preparatory programs, medical assisting services, medical technologies technicians, nursing, nutrition sciences, pharmacy pharmaceutical sciences and administration, treatment therapy professions.

The humanities research services provided by Restra platform includes a wide range of humanities specialties such as:

Communications & Journalism:

Advertising and public relations, communications, journalism, mass media

 Liberal Arts:

Area ethnic and civilization studies, composition and rhetoric, English language and literature, French German, Latin and other common foreign language studies, linguistics and comparative language and literature, other foreign languages.


Drama and theatre arts, film video and photographic arts, fine arts, miscellaneous fine arts, music, studio arts, visual and performing arts.


Art and music education, early childhood education, educational administration and supervision, elementary education, general education, language and drama education, library science, mathematics teacher education, miscellaneous education, physical and health education teaching, school student counselling, science and computer teacher education, secondary teacher education, social science or history teacher education, special needs education, teacher education: multiple levels


Anthropology and archaeology, art history and criticism, history, Geography, intercultural and international studies, philosophy and religious studies, theology and religious vocations

Industrial Arts & Consumer Services:

Construction services, cosmetology services and culinary arts, electrical, mechanical, and precision technologies and production, military technologies, physical fitness parks recreation and leisure.


Transportation sciences and technologies

Law & Public Policy:

 Court reporting, criminal justice and fire protection, multi/interdisciplinary studies, pre-law and legal studies.

The sciences research services provided by Restra platform includes a wide range of sciences specialties such as:

 Agriculture & Natural Resources:

agricultural economics, agriculture production and management, animal sciences,

food science, forestry, general agriculture, miscellaneous agriculture, natural resources management, plant science and agronomy, soil science.

Biology & Life Science:

biochemical sciences, biology, botany, environmental science, genetics, microbiology, miscellaneous biology, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, zoology,


Accounting, actuarial science, business economics, business management and administration, finance, general business, hospitality management, human resources and personnel management,

international business, management information systems and statistics, marketing and marketing research, miscellaneous business & medical administration,

operations logistics and e-commerce.

Computers & Mathematics:

applied mathematics, communication technologies, computer administration management and security, computer and information systems, computer networking and telecommunications, computer programming and data processing, computer science, information sciences, mathematics, mathematics and computer science, statistics and decision science.


aerospace engineering, architectural engineering, biological engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering,

electrical engineering technology, industrial management, Mechanical Engineering, environmental engineering, industrial engineering, geophysical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial production technologies, materials engineering, mineral engineering, miscellaneous engineering, miscellaneous engineering technologies, naval architecture and marine engineering, nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering.

Physical Sciences:

Astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, geology, geosciences, multi-disciplinary or general science, bio imaging, oceanography, physics, Mathematics, Astrophysics, atmospherics sciences, earth sciences, biochemistry, zoology, photonics, modern physics, optics, electromagnetics, nuclear physics, cosmology, classical mechanics, thermodynamics, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, toxicology, enzymology, virology, plant biochemistry, cell biology, bacteriology, immunology, metabolism, genetics, parasitology, taxonomy, inorganic chemistry



nanomaterials & processing, Nano electronics & devices, carbon nanotube & Graphene, Nano energy & Conversion, Nano biotechnology & Nano medicine, Nano photonics & Plasmonics, energy storage & cell storage, solar cell, nanofiber & tissue engineering, fibre optics, drug delivery, Nano sensors, quantum dots, perovskite, catalysts, cancer immunology

Social Science:

Criminology, economics, general social sciences, geography, interdisciplinary social sciences, international relations, miscellaneous social sciences, political science and government, social work, sociology

Emerging Technologies:

Printed Electronics, 3D printing, Drones, Renewable energy, electric cars, LIDAR, 5G, RFID, Lot, Advanced Materials, electric Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Off Grid, Energy storage, Ag Tech, Flexible Electronics, Robotics, Autonomy, AI, Smart Cities, Wearable Technologies, Health care.

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• Promote the scientific content of the applicant
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